How you can donate and help Others

Give Yourself

God has blessed each of us with a unique set of abilities as well as a certain financial wealth to be responsible for. As Christ-followers, we are called to walk alongside others in need to further His work in this world. There are so many ways to get involved, volunteering inside and outside of New Life Church or giving a financial gift. At New Life Church we are dedicated to being an authentic Christ like community and are excited to serve with you. 

Give Online

Available at each service at each campus

Giving Boxes


By Mail

Send to 401 W. Edgewood Ct. Morton IL, 61550

Giving your time, talents, and heart to others. 


Supporting the Ministries of New Life 

Contributing we receive support for ministries within the church as well as local and global partners. Keep reading for more information about the different funds: 

  • General Fund-Meeting the needs of our day to day ministry 

  • Benevolence-Meeting the needs of people in need

  • Youth Mission Stocks-Stocks are your way to "buy in" to this summers mission trip and support students financially

Thank You

For giving and helping fulfill New Life's vision of being a community of authentic worship, ensuring that no one misses out on the grace of God.