If you’ve felt a little tired recently, the next 40days are for you. We all know what it’s like to feel physically tired, but some of us might be feeling tired in more than just our bodies. When we spend so much time running from one thing to the next, our souls can get tired too. But this isn’t the kind of life Jesus came to give us. Jesus came to give us life —a life that’s full, not of schedules, worry, or hustle, but full of joy, peace, hope, and abundance. So for the next 40 days, here’s what we’re going to do. When you see these daily prompts, take just a moment to 

Pause. Read. Observe. Apply. Pray. REST

April 12th

April 13th

Read: Psalm 121:5-6

Observe: How does God act on your behalf in these verses? What does God do for you?

Apply: Do you feel like you have a lot of responsibility to carry? Sometimes it can feel like you have to fend for yourself because no one else will. Does the idea that God “stands beside you as a protective shade” give you peace knowing that you don’t stand alone? It’s relieving to know that you have someone watching over you and watching out for you.Make a list of the responsibilities that you carry. Take those responsibilities and write out a prayer to God asking him to help you carry each of them, and thanking Godfor being there for you and protecting you.

Read: Psalm 121:7-8

Observe: No one desires to feel pain, to be hurt, or to have harm done to them. Often we fear harm being done to us or to someone we love. What does it mean to read that God keeps you from all harm?

Apply: Is there something specific you fear happening toyou or the people you love? It’s scary to think about, and it can be even more scary to name it. The good news is that God already knows what it is that scares us. So how can you use these two verses to remind yourself that even when you are afraid, God is with you, keeping you from all harm, and watching over you? Think about writing these verses on a Post-It note to remind you of the care God has for you. Pray something like this “Jesus, I realize I am not strong enough on my own to deal with what scaresme. Help me to remember that you are strong enough, that you watch over me and keep me from harm. You know where I am at all times, and you care for me.”

April 14th

April 15th

Read: Romans 8:38-39

Observe: What are the things listed in these verses that can’t separate us from God’s love?

Apply: Nothing —not a thing —can separate us from God’s love. Nothing you or I can do. Even when things happen that are completely out of our control, Jesus’sacrifice for us, and his commitment to us, gives us confidence that nothing can come between us and God’s love. Is there anything you fear might separate you from God’s love? Or is there something you think you could do that would separate you from God’s love? Ask God to help you keep your mind from going to the worst case-scenario. Pray foryour mind to have the clarity to focus on the truth that nothing will separate you from God’s love.

Read: Psalm 4:8

Observe: Laying down to sleep is an image of surrendering control and trusting God to take care of us. How does this verse give you peace about being able to lay down, rest, and sleep?

Apply: The average teenager gets 6-7 hours of sleep a night. The recommended amount of sleep for a teenager is 9-9.5 hours. How much sleep do you get a night? Do you value your sleep? Or do you avoid it because you feel like you have too much to do?Before you go to sleep, write down the things on your mind that keep you from sleeping soundly, or that keep you up at night. Tell God that you know sleep is a gift from Godand ask for help to have a good night’s rest.

April 16th

April 17th

Read: John 10:10

Observe: When Jesus came on the scene he invited people to a life of rest. He said that following him and obeying him wouldn’t be a burden, a heavy responsibility, or a list of tasks they could never complete. It wouldn’t involve living for someone else’s approval. Instead, it would mean living out of an understanding that they have God’s approval. What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “my purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life?”

Apply: Does following Jesus ever feel like it’s a list of tasks that you have to check off? If it does, ask yourself why it feels that way. Are you trying to earn God’s approval? God’s approval is a gift. We cannot earn it. And trying to won’t lead to the rich and satisfying life Jesus talked about.Write out a prayer or silently pray asking Jesus to show you what the rich and satisfying life looks like.

Read: John 10:11-18

Observe: If Jesus is comparing himself to a shepherd in these verses, who are the sheep?

Apply:  Jesus is the ultimate shepherd. He takes care of his sheep and lays down his life for them. That means that he looks out for us, watches over us, protects us, and keeps us from harm. He also shows us where to go,leads and guides us to the places he knows are best for us. Sometimes wondering about our next step can cause anxiety and stress. Does believing in Jesus as the good shepherd ease your anxiety or lower your stress level?Maybe you’re in a place where it feels like knowing this about Jesus isn’t helping your stress and anxiety. That’s okay.Find a trusted adult or a trusted friend that you can pray with and talk to about this. Ask them to pray that you would trust Jesus as the good shepherd, caring for you, leading you, and guiding you.

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