Student Life Washington

Washington Summer Hours is officially over! Check out what's next for all of us! 

August 14th-15th

Fall Kickoff Party 

ITS A LOCK-IN! We are so excited to team up with Elevate Trampoline Park.(Peoria) This event cost $35 per student. It starts August 14th at 9:45pm. Students will bring bedding to the Morton Youth room. Our party at Elevate starts at 10:30pm and ends at 6am. We will all come back to the church sleep for a few hours and join 11am service. Food provided! 

August 21st 

Shareholders Dinner 

We want to thank all of our shareholders for donating to our mission trip. We have a meal planned for all of you starting at 6pm. Live testimonies from students and a chance to be the first ones to see the mission trip video! (Mission Trip Students only) 

August 22nd 

We are Back! 

Sunday Nights are back with a fresh new sermon series. 6th-12th grade students welcomed and wanted! 

6pm-7:30pm see you there!