Due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation, all Celebrate Recovery Morton Tuesday night meetings are currently online only until July 7, 2020. We are praying for God’s providence and will, and encourage you to continue connecting often with your own accountability teams and sponsors!


****UPDATE 6/19/2020: we have the approval to resume our Tuesday night CR meetings on campus starting July 7th! 🙂


Per the church leadership policies currently in place, there are a few changes that will be needed for resuming in-person meetings on church campuses, which are outlined below. 


  1. We WILL need to take temperature checks of all volunteers/attendees upon arrival. If a person has a temperature of greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they will not be able to come into the building and attend CR that evening. This is in line with Sunday service process and is being asked of us in order to best love and serve all that attend meetings on New Life campuses.


  1. We will NOT be recording any namesduring temperature checks, or requiring any sort of RSVP to attend Celebrate Recovery. This will ensure anonymity and confidentiality.


  1. Masks are NOT required for anyone attending, with the exception of meal volunteers that are serving food. You may wear one if you wish to do so for any reason.


  1. For meal time, the church has asked that anyone serving food wear a mask and gloves while handling/serving food. At this time, we are asking that only the meal volunteers handle food, so please allow our life groups/volunteers to serve you food, instead of self-serve.


  1. Childcarewill be provided by the agency as usual. The agency is being much more proactive now if sitters or children are feeling unwell, and requiring washing of hands upon arrival for sitters and kids. 


  1. First night back will be a fellowship night! No formal lesson or testimony. Pastor Thad will be our “guest speaker”, he will give a brief devotional and then answer any questions that people may have. We will stay in the multipurpose room (not the sanctuary) for this evening.


  1. Communication and scheduling: We will post this information to our social media accounts and the church web site. We will also start scheduling volunteers in Planning Center again at this time.


  1. Beginning Tuesday, July 7th, we will no longer be going live on Facebook for devotional and worship. We will also no longer be using Zoom for open share groups. Our meetings will resume in person as they were previously.


QUESTION: Can my step study group meet at someone’s house during this time?

ANSWER: This is up to your step study group leaders. Please reach out directly to your group leaders, or ministry leader, if you have any questions. 

QUESTION: How can I stay connected with CR Morton online?

ANSWER: Please see below for a list of our active social media accounts. Be sure to like/follow them for regular updates!


Celebrate Recovery, Morton IL

Tuesday nights

6:45 PM: Facebook Live Stream (Worship and Devotional)

7:30 PM: Secure Zoom open share groups

Facebook: Celebrate Recovery – Morton, IL 

Twitter: @CRmortonIL 

YouTube: celebraterecovery.mortonil

Instagram: celebraterecovery.mortonil

National web site: www.celebraterecovery.com


If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to the ministry leader of your gender – we are here for you!

  • Dave: 309.264.0669
  • Julie: 309.363.8119

We will continue to communicate updates regarding changes in scheduling and campus availability as we receive information from church leadership. Thank you for your understanding!